The travel industry continually strive to improve speed, efficiency, flexibility, service area and the customer experience, while reducing costs and improving profits. To strengthen your brand and optimize the traveler experience, Upstake Technologies provides the solutions that address all functional complexities of your industry.

Upstake Technologies has developed an expandable e-commerce web portal solution that facilitates travel agents and travelers to book and cancel travel related tickets online. Upstake Technologies offers the portal and a CRM to travel agents and consolidators for the world-wide usage. This travel portal is used by travel agents, corporate customers and individual users to search, book and cancel tickets for flights, hotels, holidays, railways, bus, travel insurance etc.

Our application development teams have used wide variety of software tools for this travel portal application. It is a Full-featured, fast & simple service oriented architecture (SOA) framework based portal.

To ensure smooth operation and round-the-clock availability, the portal includes a comprehensive performance and load reporting module with "24x7" datacenter helpdesk support.

Travel related services offered are:


  • Domestic Ticketing – Online
  • International Ticketing – Online
  • Cancellations – Online
  • Refunds – Online (These depends on the terms and conditions and fare rules from airline to airlines)


  • Domestic – Online
  • International – Online

Activities / Sightseeing / Transfers

  • Domestic – Online
  • International – Online
  • Packages – Online / Offline


  • Domestic – Online

Travel Insurance

  • Domestic – Online
  • International – Online

Some other key features of the travel portal are:

  • Airline seat maps:

    Our travel portal offers colorful airline seat maps that extend help to the customers choose their advance seating and a better perception of in-flight services they are going to experience.

  • View itinerary:

    The user can view their itinerary saved at the time of completion of a travel record. Also, past bookings can be viewed.

  • Shopping cart:

    Can offer this feature in case the client would like their customers to book air/ hotel and car in a single PNR.

  • Payment options:

    Also offers different payment options as per customer requirements. The intimation is sent via e-mail / SMS to the customer.

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