The Healthcare & pharmaceutical industry has an important role in shaping global health. The next decade will mark a turning point for the healthcare industry. As healthcare reform and the economy continue to present challenges, innovative advancements in healthcare will provide the key not only to ensuring compliance with new legal requirements but also to reducing costs and improving patient care.

Upstake Technologies has successfully developed & implemented many application software & tools to improve the various industry process, some of them are as follows

Application for tracing the medicines at various packaging stages

In the present scenario, the massive increase in the illicit trade of products in the pharmaceutical industries is leading to public health, safety issues and lost fiscal tax revenue. This poses a difficult challenge to government agencies, which are now turning their attention to the security of, in particular medicines, secure supply chains as a way to combat the effects of illicit trade, therefore monitoring and controlling quality is becoming very critical in pharmaceutical processes.


The traceability of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary should be possible through system as they move in the Supply Chain. To comply with the norm, we have developed a solution to facilitate the players in pharmaceutical industry.

The objective of the solution is to:

  • To enable efficient management of stock levels of all medical supplies including drugs, medical devices etc.
  • To enable track and trace of all medical supplies to facilitate detection of spurious / counterfeit products and product authentication.
  • To implement solution at different packaging levels in a phased manner.

Key Features of Application

  • UID generation
  • Online scanning & segregation with quality check & rejection system
  • Traceability of each stage of packaging in Supply Chain process
  • UID verification through Web, SMS and Android interface
  • Enabling the efficient management of stock level of all supplies
  • Integration with ERP

Application for accessing & Managing clinical data

This application is focused on the use of IT to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety. It is an Academic Detailing system, it accumulates clinical information to clinicians. The application overcomes the challenges and provides an efficient solution to conducting Academic Detailing in a virtual environment.

Key features of the Application

  • Live, remote, clinician-to-clinician interactive outreach to drive Quality Improvement
  • Bi-directional video delivered using state-of-the-art Microsoft technology and Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server
  • Secure multi-layered application framework, including a .NET User Interface Module, .NET UI Component Layer, .NET Business Logic Layer, and .NET Data Access Layer
  • Enabled for development of customized provider-specific data presentations based on clinical and administrative dataset analytics
  • Interactive digital platform allows for dynamic reporting and drill down capabilities on customized data presentations
  • Real-time recorded feedback via survey and chat platforms
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