Business Intelligence

The ability to manage and analyze data can dictate how well an organization can generate knowledge for better decision making & ultimately the business growth.

Upstake Technologies brings together a deep understanding of the business and technology dimensions of an organization to harness information to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance and customer service. Business intelligence can help organizations transform data into insight and achieve higher levels of performance.

Upstake Technologies Business Intelligence System is an out-of the box solution having suite of information strategy, data warehousing, data mining and information analytics to analyze and optimize business performance across the enterprise. It provides enterprise wide information to executives over a unified browser based interface. The system also provides reporting and analysis services using disparate data sources and can be configured for diverse industry vertical. The Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) tools available with the system which automates data consolidation and reduces administration overheads.

The ETL Tools provide a comprehensive functionality for designing, deploying and managing the data consolidation process across locations and geographies. The available configuration options eliminate the need for programming using scripts or custom-built programs.

Key Features of Upstake Technologies BI system

  • Unified Data Dictionary
  • Support for multi-location environment
  • Support for multiple-output formats
  • Dependable Security
  • Distribution by Mail
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Self Service Capabilities
  • Scheduling

Key Business Benefits

  • Comprehensive and consistent view of operations
  • Reduced complexity of reporting environment
  • Better performance management
  • Confidentiality of information using security rights
  • Browser based access without having to install any software
  • Intuitive GUI interface to enable quick learning and adoption
  • Reduced time and cost of report generation and distribution
  • Elimination of duplicate support and training costs resulting from multiple reporting solutions.
  • Reduced administration overheads.

Empower people at all levels of your organization to make informed decisions using software that is familiar and easy to use.

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