Application Performance Management

Applications are complicated, but managing them shouldn’t be

If your business depends on applications for revenue and reputation, it also depends on IT to keep them performing at their best. But it's not easy. You need to know what your users are experiencing, yet increasingly complex infrastructure and consumption make visibility next to impossible.


No more business loss because of your application downtime. With Application Performance Management solution from Upstake Technologies, you can take control of your applications and IT resources leading to a smooth business functioning.

Value Proposition

  • Detect performance problems quickly enough to minimize, or preclude business impact via integrated capabilities.
  • Simplify operations management to cost effectively manage the complete IT and network infrastructure.
  • Monitor end-user experience to identify and remediate problems before users are impacted.
  • Prioritize problem resolution by number and type of users affected and reduce problem resolution time.

Business Benefits

With Application Performance Management solution from Upstake Technologies, you will:

Increase revenue:
Solve application issues before they impact the business.

Improve user satisfaction:
Enforce SLAs, speed issue resolution, and increase productivity.

Mitigate risk:
Validate application releases and changes.

Gain competitive advantage:
Enable application virtualization and mobility.

Lower costs:
Choose a deployment model that works best for your budget.

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