At Upstake Technologies we believe that people are the main assets of this organization. Upstake Technologies has an unwavering commitment to build an inclusive culture that recognizes uniqueness, empowers each employee, values all contributions and contributors, and leverages a diverse workforce.

Since its inception , Upstake Technologies has been attracting the software industry’s brightest Upstake Technologiess to work on our customers’ most strategic and challenging assignments.

What makes Upstake Technologies a Great Place to work ?

  • Highly challenging projects
  • Award-winning HR practices
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Intellectually vibrant workplace
  • Emphasis on employee recognition
  • Shared passion for customer success


We have an open and transparent culture based on the values passed on to us by our leaders

  • We have an environment of openness, trust and collaboration
  • Strong system of accountability, authority and responsibility
  • We have a high level of ownership and commitment
  • We strive for excellence in everything that we do.
  • We provide great customer experience in all our engagements
  • We are a caring organization and we treat our employees with respect

Reward & Recognition

Performance Management at Upstake Technologies is an ongoing process. It begins with identifying and establishing challenging goals that are aligned with organization strategy. Our robust process supports associates in consistently delivering against defined standards. It fosters an ongoing dialogue between associates and managers, which provides an opportunity to clarify expectations and discuss future opportunities.

There are almost unlimited promotion prospects for those who truly deserve them by showing the right capabilities and commitment to the organization. It is only the performance and the attitude with abilities that will determine how well an employee is rewarded.

Training & Development

Upstake Technologies is a platform that integrates our learning and development initiative with the organization’s strategy and goals. We ensure that we follow a systematic and focused approach to build the organization’s capability. We groom our associates to equip them with the skills required to be leaders in their chosen fields.

Our learning approach is guided by TMS (Training Management System). We believe that Learning is not enough, we must apply; willing is not enough we must do. Thus learning efforts are not just owned by HR, but driven directly from individual associate & his manager with a balanced approach in meeting both Business needs & the personal development goals.

Certification Policy

  • 1. To build Technical and Domain expertise in related working areas & develop certified professionals to enhance efficiency/productivity of the project & the organization.
  • 2. To promote Skills & knowledge Up gradation, Upstake Technologies stands committed to facilitate all employees for attaining new Technical skills, Language skills, Project Management and Domain skills on continual basis. Technology changes/upgrades will help in taking up new challenges and innovations within the projects and across the Organization.
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